Lenny’s Colonial Ranch Market Point Pleasant, NJ



Breakfast Omelette Subs and Sandwiches are served all day.

Old Fashioned Butcher

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Lenny’s Colonial is the Old Fashioned Butcher you are looking for!

Lunch & Dinner


We have a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, pastas, salad, and more.




We have a fantastic selection of baked goods.  All your favorites bagels, cakes, cookies, bread, etc.

Grocery Market

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We are committed to satisfying our customers with great food and excellent service.

What Our Customers Say

Dry aged NY Strips were amazing! Thank you for the special order.

The very best Italian Sub Sandwich in Brick, or even around the Point. Thank You Charlie Skon, for pointing us. This is also a full market of very diverse variety, and all most delicious.
November 15, 2015

“The best! The finest in Point Pleasant. Everything is awesome.”

No comment. Just nothing but love for this place !!

Facebook Posts

Our Grandmother is Irish so you know we know how to cook the WORLDS BEST CORNED BEEF!!!!

It’s HEEEERRRREEEEE !!!!!!! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of our beautiful and loyal... did I mention AMAZING RANCHERS!!!!

We were up all night grinding out over hot pots cooking Mary and Darren’s Famous Barrel Cured Corned Beef so you guys can get a taste of the Irish ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

Come on down and scoop up Individual dinners for the whole family!!! You don’t have to make a mess or watch water boiling for countless hours!! We did it for you!!

For a low price of ONLY..$10.99!! Each Corned Beef dinner contains healthy portions of :

Corned Beef
Baby Carrots
Red Potatoes
And your choice of Irish soda bread or rye!!!

They are easily reheated in the oven/ toaster/ or microwave!!! Don’t stress over feeding everyone!!! Let us cook for you and make sure you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day with those you love and with the food you eat once a year!!!

First come!! First serve!!!!

We close at 6:00 pm so shoot on over and indulge in the Worlds Finest!!!

We love you and have a safe Holiday
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Hello Ranchers!!!! The day has come!! That is right, we are open!! Come on in for all of your favorite food! Everything is fresh, everything is new, and everything has improved! We will be here till 7... Come see your favorite butchers, deli, and bakery workers! ... See MoreSee Less

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☘️ ☘️ ☘️ Corned Beef is COMING ☘️ ☘️ ☘️

With just a few short weeks, you’ll be walking into the Ranch hearing the joyous melodies of the bag pipes and getting love stoned off the blessed smell of our WORLD FAMOUS BARREL CURED CORNED BEEF!!!! It’s the best time of year!!!!!

We are hard at work everyday getting the Ranch back to you guys!!! We miss you guys so much!!! And we THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!! We’ll be back open in the next week... just have to tie up some loose ends. We promise!!!!

We love each and everyone of you more than each and everyone of you could imagine ❤️

If it will ease your mind...Please text in your corned beef order to 8482417003. Leave your first and last name with phone number and how many people you will be feeding and we’ll be sure to have your order ready... if not we will be seeing you in less than a week.

We LOVE you and GOD BLESS.
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Helllllooooo and Good afternoon to all of our beautiful RANCHERS!!!!! We are on our 11th day being closed and we are Miserable without you all, at best. We have been going hard in the paint, from sun up to sun down, making sure we aren’t closed for longer than need be.

We really appreciate all those who are very excited for our re-opening. We promise your gonna love the necessary changes we have made, and Billy and I have made sure we included the ground breaking visionary of our father, Darren’s dreams. We love each and every one of you more than y’all could possibly imagine. Without each and everyone of you, continuing our Fathers Legacy wouldn’t be possible. You guys are the best, most loyal customers in the universe!!!

We’ll see you in a couple weeks and we’ll be posting more now that we got the big stuff out of the way.

Simply, THANK YOU.
#onceaRANCHER #alwaysaRANCHER
#youcantbeatourmeat #wegottgeMeattopleaseyouandwearealwayspleasedtoMeetyou
Cya soon ❤️
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